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BRSR reporting in India

BRSR Reporting is an Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) framework, benchmarked to global standards like GRI, TCFD, etc.

SEBI mandates India's Top 1000 listed companies to submit their BRSR reports from FY 2022-23.

BRSR Reporting format contains nine principles that cover a company’s ESG performance.

Disclosures in the BRSR report are divided into Essential Indicators (mandatory to report) and Leadership Indicators (optional to report).

SEBI proposed that asset managers only invest in securities with BRSR disclosures.

SEBI has released draft regulations on ESG rating agencies.

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ESG Advisory Services

We understand that companies have varied needs and maturity curves. We offer following value-added ESG services:

ESG Adoption
ESG Reporting
ESG Assurance
Sustaninable Supply Chain
ESG Rating Advisory
ESG Due Diligence

ESG Advisory Services

We understand that companies have varied needs and maturity curves. We offer following value-added ESG services:

Companies are looking to de-risk business from the impact of climate change and aligning with national Net Zero goals. Government across the globe are pushing corporates to adopt sustainable practices.

Brands can differentiate themselves by adopting a sustainability strategy & best practices and transparently report ESG vision for better talent acquisition and consumer attraction and retention.

Investors are increasingly shifting their focus on sustainable businesses, de-risked from not just financial but also ESG risks. Companies that adopt ESG tend to perform better & carry lower default risk.

From the periphery to the nub, ESG assessment of vendors is critical in factoring risk for all industries. The concept of sustainability is not limited to corporates but also to their value chain partners.


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