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One Platform For Your Sustainability Journey

Guiding Businesses To Net-Zero Emissions, Coupling Technology And Experts.

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Centralizing Software And Your Manual Efforts, Achieving New Milestones
Carbon Data Center
  • Carbon footprint calculation 

  • Robust data analytics

  • Compliance - one-click reporting

Sustainability Projects
  • Ecological Analysis - LCA or EMA (energy model analysis)

  • Sustainability Campaigns 

  • Deep tech projects

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of all emissions are caused by corporations commercial activties

Billion tonnes of greenhouse gases are emitted each year

Seas are predicted to rise a foot by 2050

Every year, the sea rises another 13 inches (3.2 mm)

Global Temp has risen by 2° F

By 2050, temperature will rise by 2.7° F

CO2 is at it's highest in 2 million years

Pre-industrial CO2 levels were around 280 parts per million (ppm). Today, we stand close to 420 ppm.

The Cost of Inaction is Higher Than the Opposite

Intervention has been estimated to only 3% of total GDP while inaction ranges from 5-18%

Key Services

Carbon Accounting

Data Analytics and Predictive modelling

Comprehensive Reports

Life Cycle & Energy Model Analysis 

Deep Tech

Sustainability Campaigns

Media Coverage

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Tailored Climate Solutions For Each Step

LowSoot's secret recipe: state-of-the-art technology coupled with a team of climate experts to support you at every stage of your company's transition to a sustainable model.

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